Happy Video Shoot

Happy - video shoot

Track Fiend Music & Lucky Money Marketing pair up again for the production of Happy the music video.

Happy is an amazing record that needed an official music video. This video concept was inspired by the 1989 comedy film Weekend At Bernie’s. This video starts with a scene of a Tribal Doctor performing a ritual over Lil Raw’s lifeless body. This ritual is intended to bring him back to life, similar to the resurrection of Bernie in the Weekend At Bernie’s movie series.

Witch doctor - Happy music video shoot

Tribal Doctor – Happy Music Video Shoot

This opening scene is performed by Miami dance choreographer Lulu The Dancer. Her dance routine is a great introduction to the video.

After the opening scene we travel into a tropical paradise where Lil Raw is being carried by Paul Bearers, his eyes open as he comes to life and begins to recite the lyrics to the song. It’s from this point where the visual really comes alive!

Lil Raw is a star on the rise. The release of the Happy visual is a great introduction to Raw’s potential as a true Soca artist. This video explodes with bright colors, good vibes and captivating dance, putting Lil Raw on full display for fans to get acquainted with his style and delivery!

Lil Raw - Happy (Official Music Video) Directed by: J. Moss

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